COVID KIT – Advanced


COVID KIT is a bundle of necessary personal protective equipment and medical kit. According to WHO those who are ill with COVID-19 symptoms or those caring for them, should have a medical kit that includes the following items:

  • Germicidal disinfectant/wipes for surface cleaning Tissues.
  • Face/eye masks.
  • Gloves (disposable)
  • Full-length long-sleeved gown

You can find all above items and even more in our Advanced COVID KIT!

Available in store / Delivery 1 to 3 days

KIT includes: Pen Type Thermometer Protective Suit 50 Disposable Face Masks 100 PVC Gloves 500ml steraClean Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml DeSalin Eco Surface Cleaner with Antimicrobial Agents Oximeter
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