DeSalin Mas 3lt


Super effective disinfectant for frequent use

  • Space disinfection with fogger spray machine.
  • Dilutable with 10 units of water.
  • Alcohol and Bleach free.
  • For hard and soft surfaces.
  • Suitable for B2B services and DIY.
  • Safe for human and pets.

Available in store / Delivery 1 to 3 days

QACs permanent swords for fogger spray machine. It is ideal for extensive area disinfection without any hazard for human and animal health. Economical due to low consumption rate, easy to use as DIY, needs only 15 minutes contact time. Suitable for frequent use, since doesn’t contain bleach and alcohol, can be use on any hard and soft surfaces even sensitive surfaces such as leather, textile and wood. Our experts are ready to train your cleaning staffs for DIY.
Direct application in contained areas: Dilutable up to 10 times its original volume. Mix 1/2 cup (120mL, 4.0 fl.oz.) of DeSalin Mas in 1,5L (0.40 US gal) of water. Fill the clean tank of the fogging device with the diluted product. After setting up a fogging device, seal all windows and doors. Leave the treatment area for the time recommended by the device manufacturer. Do not enter the fogged area until the fog has completely settled or exhausted. After the fogging cycle is complete, thoroughly ventilate, before re-entry, the treated area until the suspended product is purged. Do not use equipment in the fogged area until the treatment has dried.
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